Our Team
The beating heart of the company

Our company was established in 2014 by an exceptional team of high-ranking officers, with years of
operational experience in Israel’s Home Front Command.
Our staff includes experts in disciplines such as: Emergency preparedness, Physical protection planning and engineering, Business continuity planning (BCP), Risk evaluation, Emergency management at the national, local, and organizational level.

The I-CEPA team includes professional instructors who provide training services for individuals,
leaders, communities and others.

Michael Vatenmacher

Physical Protection Engineer
(Res. lieutenant Colonel)

Michael Vatenmacher is a physical protection and emergency preparedness expert.
He was one of the founders of Israel’s Home Front Command engineering branch, which led to the establishment of the national emergency building protocols (Protected Spaces) and he has unique experience in earthquake preparedness.

Igor Savchenko

Physical Protection Engineer
(Res Major)

Igor Savchenko is a protected spaces planning expert.
Igor has years of operational experience in the development of protection assets, and in infrastructure and building protection methods. He spearheaded Israel’s protection experiments in recent years and has unique knowledge that allows him to develop tailor-made solutions to a broad range of threats including those involving hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

Ariel Blitz

Colonel (Res.)

Ariel Blitz is an emergency preparedness and crisis management expert at the local, national, and international level.
Ariel has many years of urban search and rescue training and operational experience and has been instrumental in emergency preparedness for state level organizations, the private sector, local authorities, communities, and private individuals in Israel and around the world.

Binyamin Shick

Founder & Partner-CEO
Brigadier General (Res.)

Binyamin Shick is a functional continuity expert with years of experience in emergency preparedness in government, security organizations and local authorities.
He also acts as CEO of our subsidiary company which offers building protection for critical infrastructure, government and private sector customers.

Pazit Kolt

Physical protection engineer - protection consulting manager

Specialist in the regulation of construction permits. Leading the development of the robotic and influential area calculation method leads to the planning director for regulatory changes.
Has a wealth of knowledge in construction licensing in Israel, particularly construction permits.

Adva Ben Sinai

Office Manager

Shoam Iluz

Physical Protection Practical Engineer

Tigist Adgo

Physical Protection Practical Engineer

Shahaf Mashiach

Physical Protection Practical Engineer

Polina Zhiteleva

Physical Protection Architect

Or Refaeli

Physical Protection Practical Engineer

Nastiya Nahmani

Physical Protection Practical Engineer

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